Jagmeet Singh, Leader, 5 April 2022 – re: your pact with the Liberals and climate change

5 April 2022
Jagmeet Singh, Leader New Democratic Party and NDP MPs

Der Mr Singh and caucus colleagues

re: your pact with the Liberals and climate change

JustEarth is an environamal NGO based largely in Toronto, with climate change our main concern. We are a member of the Climate Action Network and the Toronto Climate Action Network.

We noted with approval that climate change was on your list of measures required for your support on confidence motions, along with pharmacare and dental care.

We, as you, are well aware that the Liberals have been better than the Conservatives in setting climate goals, but have been sadly lacking in meeting them, this from the Paul Martin government post-Kyoto, through Jean Chretien to the present one. We even acquired a pipeline along the way!

On March 29, the minister of the environment tabled a new “map” with new spending to reduce GHG emissions. However, what precisely it is willing to do with regard to the oil and gas sector is not clear. As you must be aware, despite previous promises, GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector have continued to increase, even in these last few years when the consequences of global warming have become ever more evident.

We urge you to make holding the federal government to account on climate targets a priority, and pay special attention to the oil and gas sector—still misleadingly called “the oil patch” by our national broadcaster!


yours sincerely

Lyn Adamson
Karen Buck
Rose Dyson
Eji Ehrim
Joyce Hall
Susan James
Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg
Frans Schryer
Ronny Yaron