Meeting with MPs

Impressions about the meeting with Stephen Woodworth, MP

Below please find a short list of some impressions about the meeting. Andrew

  • he made clear that he could not really be seen to disagree with his party
  • was very friendly, and talkative. This meeting went from 16:00 until 17:45, much longer than expected.
  • explain more about the environment committee
  • Review environment related bills. Sounds like it is primarily regulation related stuff. Woodworth described their current work increasing penalties for some existing  environment regulations.
  • accepted that the climate change was real, and that this was not a debatable point. Indicated that the conservative government believes that same thing.
  • indicated that the Conservatives would never move forward with Kyoto. Focused primarily on the fact that that goals could probably not be reach in the  time remaining.
  • claimed that the Conservatives have cap and trade regulations that they were planning to put in place in the spring. However, this has been delayed because the Obama government may get United States to move to a Cap and Trade, and the government what’s to try and make sure our regulations are compatible with the US. Woodworth expressed concern that this could result in a delay, and that he would have preferred that Canada moved ahead anyway.
  • expressed interest in alternative energy and having Canada join International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)  Conservative government decided not to join initially. Apparently there is a bill by a Liberal back bencher to get Canada to join. Woodworth expressed and interest in voting for this bill, but is debating what the repercussions will be for him if he votes against his party.
  • referred to some environmentalists as “fanatics”. Seemed to be using this to refer to people who he did not believe were promoting things that could be practically implemented.
  • his top priorities are: 1. human rights, 2. being an advocate for he constituents,  3. environment. On the human rights he did at one point bring up the difficulty of deciding in intervene in conflicts, where human rights are being threatened. But, he also made some comments that framed the abortion issue in human rights terms. I was unsure whether his support for humans rights was primarily a coding for the abortion issue or not.