About Us

JustEarth: A Coaliton for Environmental Justice JustEarth is an associate member of the national organization, Climate Action Network, CAN/Rac and is a founding member of  TCAN, Toronto Climate Action .It is a voluntary, environmental group, with a focus on climate change, the greatest challenge we face on Planet Earth (just one Earth). 

JustEarth was formed in June, 2006. It has no formal executive, membership dues or office. Regular planning meetings are held by zoom. In-meson meetings pre-COVID were held in Toronto and may be resumed. 

Pre-COVID, we held in-person meetings with MPs (and MPPs), which turned to zoom meetings with COVID.  

JustEarth also signs on in support of other organizations’ campaigns on climate change. 
Our main focus has been the federal government. We seek a comprehensive, science-based climate action plan, with adequate targets and reporting on meeting them. We strongly support a carbon tax and deplore the continued subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and support for ever-more pipelines. 

See our letters to the prime minister, minister of the Environment and Climate Change and MPs.  

JustEarth also takes on some provincial, Ontario, issues, such as supporting the carbon tax. Again, see previous letters sent. 

JustEarth is an active member of the Climate Action Network of Canada and supports its campaigns.