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Re: Liberals table bill l on emissions to meet climate change targets (Nov. 20)

Climate change activists are greatly disappointed by the weakness of the legislation—postponing yet again reaching  promised targets and lack of accountability for the failure. The U.K. Climate Change Act, adopted in 2008,  model  legislation , has been followed by successful reductions.  It started out in 2005 as a private member’s bill, and made the prime minister responsible for meeting targets. The penalty for missing a targeted reduction by more than 1% was a 10% reduction in the prime minister’s salary!

The prime minister may feel safe in arguing that accountability is in the hands of the electorate, knowing that the Conservatives aren’t even trying. But does he really want to follow Liberal  prime ministers Paul Martin and Jean Chretien in announcing targets without any measures to reach them?

Lynn McDonald, CM, co-founder, JustEarth: A Coalition for Environmental Justice

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