Hon. Erin O’Toole, MP Feb 19th, 2021

Hon. Erin O’Toole, MP
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada
And Conservative MPs

Dear Mr. O’Toole and caucus colleagues

Bill C-12: Can we Zoom with you on what is lacking in this bill?

JustEarth was pleased to see that Conservative MPs have decided to vote in favour of Bill C-12 at second reading a start. However, we, along with many climate activists in Canada, have serious concerns about the weaknesses in the bill and we are currently speaking to MPs from all parties via Zoom regarding our recommendations.

Given the urgent need for bold and immediate action to reduce emissions by 2030 in order for net zero to be achieved by 2050, we feel strongly the need for full cooperation from all parties to see the best possible law enacted for the interest of future generations. We have called for a Climate Change Accountability Act similar to that adopted in the United Kingdom in 2008 .British Conservatives were strong supporters of that bill (some in the House of Lords, where it started, made helpful amendments, and only three voted against it—the bill passed 463-3).

The results? 40% reduction in GHG emissions since 1990, while ours have gone up by 20% in the same period.

The UK bill was adopted under a Labour government in 2008, but it was a Conservative government, under Theresa May, that amended it in 2019 to strengthen the target to net zero in 2050, as recommended by experts. Canada’s bill also sets net zero by 2050, but does not have the necessary intermediate “carbon budgets” the UK legislation has.

We see now that Bill C-12 is not coming back into the House until February 22 (at the earliest). Perhaps this is because serious amendments are being worked on—we do not know. We hope that Conservative MPs will do their part to bring in the needed amendments to make this inadequate bill.

In the meantime, we would like to meet with you to discuss the needed amendments. Please reply to info@justearth.net to arrange a time for a Zoom call.

Sincerely yours,

Lynn McDonald, Joyce Hall, Rose Dyson