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Email to all Conservative MPs – 9 April 2021

Email to all Conservative MPs

9 April 2021

Dear Conservative MP

Re: Do Canada’s Conservatives want to follow the B.C. New Democrats on “Axe the Tax”?

To recap: B.C. became the first province to establish a carbon tax, which came into effect on 1 July, 2008, under Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell (note that BC Liberals use blue on their election signs, for a reason). The NDP supported the bill when it was in the Legislature in November, 2007. Then in the provincial election of  2009  campaigned on  “Axe the Tax.”

The NDP lost that election, and the next one, in 2013, as well. In 2017, it won government, only thanks to support from the Greens (and the Liberals beat them in popular vote).

The NDP finally saw the light, not only to support the carbon tax, but to raise it. Its former leader, Carole James, who became Minister of Finance in 2017, duly collected and spent the tax and sent out tax credits as rebates.

We know that many Conservative MPs (and members) agree with their leader that climate change is real.  So do we, and we are as convinced as Chief Justice Richard Wagner that climate change is real and an existential threat to Canada and the entire world.

Did you know that 25 European countries have a carbon tax, with well-functioning economies, and governments left, right and in between? The first dates back to 1990.


Can we talk, by Zoom, and look to making a way forward? The government’s Bill C-12 is not good enough: we want to see amendments to improve it. We have had Zoom meetings so fare with two Conservative MPs and a policy advisor the Leader.


Yours sincerely, Liz Armstrong, Yvonne Buckingham, Alex Cameron, Ann Cameron,

Phyllis Chreighton, Rose Dyson, Eji Ehirim, Joyce Hall, Susan James, Jane Marvy,

Lynn McDonald, Jay Scott and Ronny Yaron

For Just Earth

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