Quadra resolution on Electoral Reform

March 22, 2023

Dear Ms. Freeland:

Re: Quadra resolution on Electoral Reform


Just Earth is an environmental NGO, based in Toronto, a member of Climate Action Network. We seek serious action on climate change including evidence-based targets and accountability.


We were heartened to see that the Liberal EDA of Quadra has put forward a resolution promoting Proportional Representation. We understand from Rose Dyson, a member of Just Earth, constituent of University-Rosedale and Liberal Party member, that at a meeting of your own EDA called by James Graham earlier this month, many attendees were in favour of the resolution, citing several reasons including profound concerns for the continued existence of the carbon tax, the Just Transition plan, and the CBC.


Just Earth strongly supports a move to proportional representation as soon as possible. As you know, Ms. Freeland, we are living in unprecedented times for humanity. There is no time to waste going backwards and undoing progress on adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change if we are to do our share and keep our commitments. Continuing to use first-past-the-post is simply too much of a gamble, allowing a single party to achieve a majority of seats with as little as 36 of the popular vote. The attendees at the University-Rosedale, members of the Quadra Liberal EDA, and many Canadians of all political affiliations clearly understand this. Just Earth supports the Quadra resolution, which calls for a Citizens Assembly; and we would also support a more direct implementation process based on the 2004 report of the Law Commission of Canada, which recommended a specific form of proportional representation; namely, MMP (Mixed Member Proportional).


We ask you to support the Quadra resolution and request a reply to info@justearth.net. Thanks in advance.



Yours truly,

Joyce Hall on behalf of Just Earth (including three University-Rosedale constituents)”

Rose Dyson, Dorothy GoldinRosenberg and Marjut Marjut


Cc: All Liberal MPs