Liberal MPP – Ontario Liberal Climate Policy, March 21, 2022

Dear Liberal MPP:

On Jan. 10 Just Earth contacted your leader, Mr. Del Duca, asking for an update on the Liberal platform on climate change. To date we have not received a reply. Just Earth is an environmental NGO, based in Toronto, a member of Climate Action Network. We seek the necessary urgent action on climate change at all levels of government including evidence-based targets and accountability.

Since we have not received a reply from Mr. Del Duca, we are asking you, as a Liberal MPP, to state your party’s position on climate change. The NDP and Greens do have their platforms available.

According to the latest report of the IPCC “the world needs to accelerate its efforts to both prepare for and limit climate change or face progressively deteriorating living conditions for millions of people.”

Ontario voters will go to the polls on June 2–in three short months. There will soon be serious scrutiny of the Liberal party platform. Voters, of all ages—but especially the young–seek to elect a government that will ensure their future will not be one of “deteriorating living conditions,” as the IPCC is actually warning them about.

Just Earth is eager to see lively competition among all the parties to have the boldest plan. Please let us know what the Ontario Liberals plan to put forward


Joyce Hall and Lynn McDonald on behalf of Just Earth