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Letters to MPs, Liberal, NDP and Green – Re: Need for a climate law

Dear MP


Re: Need for a climate law


You may be aware that many leading environmental groups that work on climate change have recently called for a “climate law,” or laws. The argument, and we share it, is that we need measures to ensure (as much as possible) that goals set for GHG emission reductions, and positive measures to develop green alternatives, need to be enshrined in legislation. Setting goals at international meetings sets out objectives, but how to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to see that they are met.


Liberal, NDP, Green and Bloc MPs share the view that a carbon tax is a necessary component of any realistic climate action strategy. We concur. The Official Opposition (and potential leaders of the Conservative Party) do not. That is the reality right now for Canada, and, with first-past-the-post elections, we face the prospect of a majority government, with under 40% of the popular vote, could act to abolish the carbon tax (and other measures) supported by a good majority of the population.  Climate activists have even more reason than other Canadians to favour proportional representation.


A climate law (or laws) thus can be overturned. Yet, we believe, debate over  the formulation of such a law or laws could help to highlight the seriousness of the climate crisis Canada does have a process in place to examine progress (or not) made. This is a good start, but can the reporting mechanism be strengthened, o make progress, or not, more visible to Canadians?


Given that we cannot meet with MPs directly in their offices now, would you be willing to take part in a zoom meeting to explore the climate law proposal? If yes, please let us know by replying to info!justearth.net


Yours sincerely


Organizations for climate law: CAN’Rac, Ecojustice Equiterre,Pembina, ….