Letter to Bonnie Crombie

April 25, 2024

Dear Ms. Crombie:

We at Just Earth are writing to urge you to support the current federal carbon tax system. JustEarth is an environmental NGO, based in Toronto, a member of the Climate Action Network Canada, CANRac.  We are politically non-partisan.

We note your statement as reported by CBC news on March 18 that, if you become premier after the 2025 election, you will not introduce a provincial carbon tax as part of your climate policy, and gather from that statement that you would continue to support the current federal carbon pricing regimen.

However, Canadians/Ontarians need to know what you will do if the Conservatives are elected federally and “axe the tax,” as Mr. Polievre has frequently stated they will do.

Carbon pricing is one of many measures necessary to live up to our obligations under the Paris Accord. As pointed out in an open letter signed by over 300 economists, it is one of the most efficient and cost effective. They have calculated that, if governments wish to meet their climate goals at the lowest cost, “they should rely on increasingly stringent carbon pricing.” They also praise the fact that the system provides revenue to citizens.

We note from the same news report that you have created a panel including climate experts from the Liberal Party and the Intact Centre to advise you, a wise move in our opinion. It is crucial to base decisions on expert evidence and not be intimidated by the misinformation of opponents.

Opponents to carbon pricing are supporting alternatives based on technologies that are unproven and much more costly—SMRs, Carbon Capture and Storage, and nuclear–and do not have the benefit of providing revenue to Canadians. Just Earth supports true renewables—solar, geothermal, and green hydrogen, among others.

We request your reply to info@justearth.net.


Yours truly,

(On behalf of Just Earth)