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Institute of Family Living – Environmental Stewardship

Recently, a group of registered marriage and family therapists and supervisors met near Toronto to discuss the implication of environmental stewardship and the crisis of climate change.  We began the day with a group reflection “the value and wonder of water.”

We examined the issues from a systemic perspective in that we are working with refugees and immigrants, many from climate-challenged countries of origin, and from our own desire as professionals to be conscious and responsible stewards of the earth.  We discussed ways to implement “greening” our practises, and agencies, and implications for our personal lives.

We recognized that while we are in the business of encouraging families to maintain personal connections, yet there are logistical dilemnas involved in the reality that modern families are spread all over the country, and the globe!

We looked at concrete ways that we could reduce our carbon footprints:   having conference calls, using Skype, having longer appointments less frequently with some of our clients, eating vegetarian food at our conferences, reducing the amount of print paper in our work, to name a few ways. It was a challenging and rewarding day, and was good to share together as a group of professionals.

Diane Marshall, RMFT
Clinical Director
Institute of Family Living