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February 5, 2023

Dear Minister Guilbeault:

Re: Protecting Ontario’s Greenbelt

Just Earth is an environmental NGO, based in Toronto, a member of Climate Action Network. We seek serious action on climate change– evidence-based targets and accountability–and are heartened by your consideration of blocking development on Ontario’s Greenbelt.

We support your suggested use of federal powers “to protect at-risk species if future developments on the former Greenbelt lands were shown to harm their habitats”, as stated by journalist Jeff Gray. (The Globe and Mail, January 28.) In addition, the fact that owners of homes on floodplains would not be entitled to federal compensation makes it essentially quite urgent that you not allow such vulnerable homes to be built.

The removal of 3,000 hectares from Ontario’s Greenbelt flies in the face of responsible action to address climate change, and is of great concern–for agricultural production, for preservation of habitat and wildlife, and for attaining climate targets. We encourage you, on behalf of all Canadians, to persevere and use all possible tools available to prevent this destructive development on the Greenbelt. Greenbelt is the jurisdiction of all of us, we say.


Sincerely yours,


(On behalf of Just Earth)

Lyn Adamson
Rita Bijons
Rose Dyson
Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg
Susan James
Joyce Hall
Lynn McDonald
Ronny Yaron

Cc: All MPs
CAN-RAC board@climateactionnetwork.ca


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