To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, June 2018 re Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion


June 11, 2018
reply to:

Rt Hon Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister

Dear Mr Trudeau

Re: Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion

There are many reasons for deploring the planned purchase of the Trans-Mountain pipeline, but, as environmentalists, we focus on the increase in greenhouse gas emissions that will ensue. The pipeline is intended to transport increased amounts of the dirtiest fuel source known, the tar sands (bitumen sands). We note the flawed environmental assessment, notably failure to count the emissions from extraction and eventual consumption, while minimizing the risks of spills and leaks in transportation.

We applaud your decision to respect commitments to Indigenous peoples and to consult them more meaningfully. Yet the whole pipeline project entails a violation of that principle. First Nations peoples have been and doubtless will continue to be prominent in civil disobedience to stop the pipeline.

There are economic reasons as well to oppose the pipeline purchase, or support of the project in any way. As realization of the harm of climate change grows, corporations and governments will increasingly turn to low-carbon options. Dirty bitumen sands oil will be the first to go. Already Canada is losing out as green energy suppliers increase their markets in other countries.

We applauded you in supporting the Paris Accord and, in contrast with your predecessor, acknowledging the great risks of climate change. You can’t have it both ways: dealing with climate change requires reductions in GHG emissions; expanding the tar sands will result in the opposite.

Copy: Hon Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance and all MPs.

Yours sincerely