To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, July 2018


Rt Hon Justin Trudeau, PC, MP
July 9, 2018

Dear Mr Trudeau

JustEarth members are (mainly) Ontario residents, and we strongly disagree with the decision of the new premier to cancel the province’s cap-and-trade program. We would have preferred a carbon tax, as the most straightforward way of putting a price on carbon, but the program legislated was a reasonable one.

We accordingly heartily approve of the fall-back provision of the Pan-Canadian Framework, to impose a carbon tax on provinces who fail to establish their own form of a carbon price. Moreover, we fully expect that litigation undertaken by the province of Saskatchewan will not succeed. A carbon tax, and other measures to mitigate climate change, are needed for Canada to fulfill its Paris Accord commitments. Provinces do not have exclusive jurisdiction on the environment, and indeed the residual power in the Constitution Act is clearly federal. Climate change is matter for national and international action. We fully support your Environment minister and you in this matter.

Yours sincerely


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