Notes on lobbying MPs

drafted by Lyn Adamson, Jan 5, 2017

  • Designate a note taker and time keeper in advance.
  • Arrival, check amount of time for the meeting
  • Brief intro of each person in the group (30 sec, can be why this is such an important concern for you)
  • Chair of meeting thanks the MP for some action the MP may have taken (on this or any issue) or thank you in general for the introduction of a carbon price across Canada and/or leadership in Paris.
  • Someone talks about the urgency of climate action - use the latest stats, an article, the recent die off of marine life in the Bay of Fundy which may be due to warming…or a personal example; the need for science based targets - what will it take to stay under 2 degree rise? (2 - 3 minutes max; give a minute for the MP to respond)
  • Introduction of key asks and it's great if each one can be introduced in 1 - 2 minutes by a different person in the group (if you have those numbers)
    1. End fossil fuel subsidies
    2. Price on carbon: needs to be reviewed and increased according to the science
    3. Investing in renewables - talk about transit? Retrofits? - government is taking some steps in this regard; how can communities access benefits of this program? Could this be expanded if the fossil fuel subsidies were actually removed from the budget?
  • I think we said we would also bring in pipelines as there is no room in the carbon budget for pipelines. This is where Oil Change International report can come in - it says we must squeeze supply as well as reduce demand if we are to act quickly enough to stay under 2 degree warming. 
  • How can the MP help us accomplish these goals? (if they agree - or what info do they need to see to better understand the goals of Just Earth?)
  • How can we help the MP move the climate action agenda forward through the Liberal party to increase the ambition of the party?
  • Can a presentation be made to Liberal MPs in the GTA caucus?
  • Any q's the MP has for us?
  • Thanks for the meeting, any leave behinds (should be minimal, just one or two - or ask if they would like to receive links by email)
  • Take a photo - post on Facebook
  • Follow up - make sure it is designated who will send a follow up thank you note and any materials they'd like to see.