Lobbying 101 – A Climate Action Advocacy Workshop

To all the people who have turned out for demonstrations in front of the Legislature (or anywhere else!) we encourage you to take the next step, to go inside and meet with the political decision makers. We invite climate advocates, activists, and all those concerned with the climate crisis to join us for a training session on how to lobby MPs.

Why now? The federal election of October 21 resulted in a minority government. The climate crisis is much better recognized than before. Some two thirds of voters support a carbon tax, yet it is being challenged in the courts. A minority government means the government can’t take votes for granted, and has to listen to MPs of other parties. We as climate activists must let them know how important serious action on climate change is.
What happens at a training workshop?

At the session itself we give background on lobbying. See Lobbying 101 on our website. We will have climate activists there who will give you practice. We will break into small groups so everybody gets a chance to lobby an MP, with our experienced people acting as an MP.

It is important to know the Party policy of the MP you are meeting, and their specific policies on climate change. We will give background material at the workshop on the different party platforms and participants will have a chance to scrutinize and comment on them.

JustEarth will organize meetings with MPs for workshop participants.