Thomas Mulcair, Deputy Leader NDP, September, 2009

With the commitment you made September 1, to go back to Parliament “to try to make it work,”  may we remind you that the most important issue our world now faces is the climate crisis. Especially with the Copenhagen Convention taking place in December, timing is important.

You, with almost all your caucus colleagues, signed the Kyotoplus Pledge for Canadian Politicians. The NDP has committed to the 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, and the formation of a credible plan to meet that target.

The concessions that must be demanded to make Parliament work should begin with climate change. The government’s minority status provides you with an opportunity to realize the commitment you made in the Kyotoplus Pledge.

We recognize that there are other social justice issues of concern, like employment insurance. But surely you must understand that action to prevent or mitigate climate breakdown is “in the interests of Canadians” (as you are quoted as saying).

If we do not succeed in keeping the average global temperature increase to under 2 Celsius degrees, any other gains by “concessions” are meaningless.