Suggested Actions


JustEarth believes that everyone concerned about Climate Change should act on that concern. To that end we provide a list of possible actions.

Above all please take the time to sign the JustEarth petition on carbon taxes.

Actions for Individuals

(In the Meantime) Practical Actions to Undertake:

Resolve to be part of the solution, not add to the problem.

  • Clean, renewable energy is key, so we must support these options and oppose dirty and non-renewable sources. For Canada the tar sands project is the greatest new addition to greenhouse gas emissions. Support the proposed moratorium.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle generally in our work and living situations; tread more lightly; be mindful of the needs of other peoples, future generations and other species with whom we share this planet.
  • Support existing environmental organizations engaged in conservation, the welfare of other species, environmental clean-ups and other constructive measures.
  • Engage in political action to promote reform, through political parties or other citizen actions such as lobbying, presenting briefs and consumer boycotts.
  • Encourage organizations to which we belong to sign this declaration.
  • Invite people and organizations in other countries and international bodies to work with us.

Actions for Organizations

  • Pledge to work towards fundamental change of our political, economic and cultural systems in order to develop a viable relationship with the planet that sustains us.
  • Incorporate the principles of this declaration into the mandate of your organization.
  • Examine the daily operations of our organization with the goal of further reducing, reusing and recycling resources.
  • Undertake an environmental audit of any physical infrastructure with the aim of creating a greener organization.
  • Promote rethinking on the needed structural changes, political, economic and cultural, for us to live sustainably on the planet and leave sufficient resources for future generations to live well.
  • Support concrete proposals emerging from this process of rethinking and reformulation through political and social action.

(Sample) Draft Statement for Sociologists

As sociologists we will integrate an environmental justice perspective into our teaching, research and writing. We need to rethink the discipline of sociology, acknowledging that Canada is following a path of environmental destruction. This is the context within which all sociological analysis must be placed.

Similar statements will be developed as appropriate for other disciplines, professions. The initial draft was prepared by Lynn McDonald, edited by Margrit Eichler and Alicja Muszynski

Report from a recent meeting of the Institute of Family Living on Environmental Stewardship

George Monbiot's 10 Things to Do

10 things to do from George Monbiot, author of Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning

  1. Cut your flights. Nothing else you do causes so much climate change in so short a time.
  2. Think hard before you pick up your car keys. On average, 40% of the journeys made by car could be made by other means - on foot, by bicycle or on public transport.
  3. Organise a "walking bus" to take the children to school.
  4. Ask your boss to devise a "workplace travel plan" which rewards people for leaving their cars at home.
  5. Switch over to a supplier of renewable electricity. You don't have to erect your own wind turbine, but you can buy your power from someone who has.
  6. Ask a builder to give you an estimate for bringing your home up to R2000 standards.
  7. Ditch your air conditioner.
  8. Turn down your thermostat: 18 degrees C is as warm as your house ever needs to be. You just have to get used to it.
  9. Make sure every bulb in your house is a compact fluorescent or LED.
  10. Do NOT buy a plasma TV: they use 5 times as much energy as other models.

The David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation website has a list of 10 things to do