Stephen Harper, June 2010 (re G20 agenda)

We join with the six Nobel Laureates in urging you to put climate change on the agenda for the G20 meetings.

Canada is both a major economy and a major per capita emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. We have the responsibility and the capacity to show leadership on this issue, as underlined by these distinguished Nobel Laureates.

Your excuse that the G20 meetings are to focus on the world economy misses the point. We cannot have a healthy world economy  with runaway climate change.

In 1988 Toronto was the site of the first international conference on climate change, alerting the world to the consequences of global warming. Since then climate scientists have issued increasingly urgent warnings about the need for strenuous action to reduce emissions.

It is embarrassing that more than 20 years later our greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, and we do not have a credible national plan for reductions.