Stephen Harper, June 2010 (re Environment Canada report)

We as taxpayers and environmentalists are very discouraged by the poor performance on climate change as reported recently by Environment Canada. The government's reduction goals were already far too low compared to those proposed by the world’s top climate scientists. Environment Canada now admits that we are unlikely to meet even these inadequate goals. We have to do far more than merely slow down the increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

Canadians must be troubled by the conclusion by Environment Canada that the $2.5 billion expenditure, through the Clean Energy Fund and Clear Air and Climate Change Trust Fund, is not expected to result in quantifiable reductions by 2012. Informed people predicted as much.

There are two problems here: money should not be put into programs that cannot be monitored, and money should not be put into projects (such as biofuels) that other jurisdictions have shown to not result in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

We call on the Government of Canada to bring in a serious program of greenhouse gas emission reductions, the targets to be set in accordance with the best science available.