Stephen Harper, January, 2010

In response to your request for advice from Canadians on the budget, we urge you to consider our country’s most critical priority, survival, which indeed is the great issue for all humankind, and most of the world’s species who cannot speak for themselves.

Economic stimulation measures should have a significant environmental component, and greenhouse gas emission reductions must be the highest priority.

The Eco-Energy Retrofit-Homes program is a good example of spending with conservation benefits. The Home Renovation Tax Credit, however, has no such requirement. Credits should have been limited to improvements with an energy efficiency component.

To improve the competitiveness of the Canadian economy, green technology and a work force trained for energy conservation is essential. The stimulus fund should have been used to do this.

We are greatly disappointed by your failure to come up with a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to KYOTOplus. The most recent science suggests that we are on the road to runaway global warming, and the risk of mass extinction, which would of course include us.

The economic problems the country faces, from the economic downturn and the rising deficit, are serious. Practices that tend to species extinction are far more so.

The subsidies given to the tar sands and the oil industry in general should be terminated and redirected to conservation and renewables.