Stephen Harper, January, 2010

Like other citizens concerned about the climate crisis, we are appalled at your decision to seek prorogation (the second time!), thus depriving opposition MPs who want to raise this crucial issue of the opportunity to do so. Especially with the failure of the Copenhagen Conference to reach a binding agreement, and your government’s failure to give positive leadership, MPs have plenty to say and ask.

We question your remarks about “realistic” objectives about the accord in your CTV year end interview. There is nothing realistic about ignoring the warnings of the world’s top scientists about the short time frame and the great extent of the changes needed to avert runaway climate change. We wonder what the “environmental progress” to which you referred means. Carbon dioxide levels are going up, polar ice is retreating. Might we also remind you that the “secure” supply of energy to which you referred is dirty, and all fossil fuels, in any event, are non-renewable, hence the “security” is necessarily short term. We and the Americans have to move to renewable sources, and fast.

If you are referring to carbon capture and sequestration in your remark about “clean Canadian energy,” we remind you that this is a wish, not a reality. The money being devoted to this dicey research project would reap real rewards by supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy