To the prime minister, minister for the environment and climate change, and all MPs

November 7, 2016

Dear Mr Trudeau, Ms McKenna, and MPs

JustEarth recently joined in with a large number of Canadian civil society and climate change groups in a joint “Open letter to world leaders” on the urgency of adequate action on climate change. We write now with some specific Canadian concerns.

First, we commend you for signing and ratifying the Paris agreement. However, we note that Canada, under a Chretien government, signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol, then failed to bring in the measures needed to bring down our GHG emissions, which, in fact, rose substantially. We are particularly concerned as your government has linked ratification with approval of new fossil fuel projects.

We can’t have it both ways: allow new pipelines and terminals to move tar sands and fracking fuels and bring down our emissions to the extent necessary.

On this point, we urge attention to the “Carbon Budget” on Canada’s share of allowable carbon emissions, if we are to do our fair share in global reductions. As a rich country that has benefited enormously from fossil fuel deposits, we have now to do the right thing.

Enormous changes will be required in every sector of the economy, beginning with transition to safe, renewable energy sources. On this, experts tell us that we must leave significant fossil fuel deposits in the ground. The tar sands and fracking are particularly “dirty sources,” and their extraction and transportation are greatly opposed by First Nations.

We call your attention to “The Sky’s the Limit: No New Fossil Fuel Development.” We fully endorse its conclusion that the first step is a simple one: “Stop digging. No additional fossil fuel development, no exploration for new fossil fuels, no expansion of fossil fuel projects. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

Yours sincerely
[ signed by six members of JustEarth ]