Prime Minister Harper, December 2010, "Cancun Agreements"

Two JustEarth members were NGO delegates at the recent Cancun conference (UNFCCC COP16). At that conference Canada agreed, among other things to:

  • peaking greenhouse gas emissions by 2015
  • keeping the rise in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius
  • establishment of a green climate fund
  • respecting the need for sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples
  • undertaking, as a developed country, ambitious emission reductions

We look forward to hearing from your government the practical measures you plan to bring in to achieve these commitments. We recognize that a previous government signed and ratified the Kyoto Accord, and failed to enact the adequate measures for implementation.

We are also pleased to see the agreement agreed “the best available scientific knowledge” suggests that the global average temperature rise should be kept under 1.5 degrees Celsius.

We note that the UNEP Emissions Gap Report specifies that to keep the global rise to 2 degrees Celsius would require that emissions stop increasing by 2015. For Canada to achieve our part in this would require massive changes in how we run our economy.

British economist Nicholas Stern argues that Canada will be left behind if we do not make the move to renewable energy soon. We have reasons of financial self-interest as well as the health of the planet to act now.