Premier Wynne and Minister Murray, Sept 2016

Hon Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Hon Glen Murray, Minister
September 14, 2016

Dear Premier and Minister

Re: Ontario’s emissions reduction targets

We write to urge that the emission targets you set coincide with the amount that represents our fair share of the global carbon budget, a measure established to avoid global emissions reaching the dangerous “tipping point” of climate change.

We support the analysis sent to you on 6 September 2016 by Climate Action Now regarding the targets set out in your Climate Change Action Plan. We share their view, also, that more frequent review is required. We appreciate the fact that your government takes climate change seriously and we will continue to say so.

The IPCC, in its 2014 report, set out a carbon budget, premised on the requirements to have a 66% chance of keeping the the global annual temperature from rising more than 1.5o Celsius. Ontario’s share, based on our proportion of the world’s population, is roughly 950 megatons of CO2. Since our emissions are about 170 megatons of CO2, we would use up our budget in six years. (Documentation of the figures is provided in Climate Action Now’s letter.) Clearly we need stronger emission reductions.

We support the measures proposed by Climate Action Now for modification of the Climate Action Plan:

  • an independent arms-length agency to audit targets
  • an annual report on actions taken to implement the plan
  • where an annual report shows Ontario is not on target, the government must propose further measures to ensure that it is.

We commend you both on your commitment to action and your understanding of the urgency of the climate crisis. We believe that Ontario should do its fair share in reducing GHG emissions, and that the Ontario Action Plan should reflect that commitment.

Yours sincerely

(signed by 6 members of JustEarth)