to President Barack Obama, from Green Awakening Network attendees, March 2013

The following letter was sent to President Obama, signed by many people attending a meeting of the Green Awakening Network in Toronto March 24 2013, and copied to all Canadian MPs.

Dear President Obama

We are writing as Canadian Christians of several denominations who feel a keen sense of obligation to protect the good land and sea our Creator made, which is given to us for our use, as stewards, with accountability. The Earth is the Lord’s and we are not entitled to abuse it for personal profit, heedless of the cost to our fellow creatures of other species and future generations.

Climate change, including the risk of runaway global warming and the rising acidification of the global ocean, is now humanity’s greatest challenge. Yet your country and ours continue to increase our greenhouse gas emissions, and neither has put in place adequate measures for mitigation. We commend you for your words on the urgency of action on your re-election as president, and look forward to seeing results.

Fossil fuels, in any event, are a one-time gift of Nature, not renewable short of geological time. We must move to an entirely different energy strategy, based on safe, renewable sources and greater efficiency. Time is short and money spent on fossil fuels is money not available for alternatives.

The development of the tar sands, and pipelines to get them to market, we believe to be wrong. Tar sands extraction wastes water and energy and causes pollution. Pipelines risk spills. Yet even if these problems could be solved, the sheer extra quantity of greenhouse gas emissions caused could take the world over the “tipping point” to runaway climate change. We urge you not to permit the Keystone XL Pipeline to proceed. In our own country we oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline for the same reason, and support First Nations peoples who are fighting against it.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” We urge you to think of the wider world and the needs of future generations, and refuse permission for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Yours sincerely