Minutes - January Planning Meeting

JustEarth: Notes from Planning Meeting, January 12 2011, at OISE, Toronto

Regrets: Ben Donato-Woodger, Rita Bijons.

Present: Barbara Falby, Anthony Ketchum, Patricia Warwick, Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg, Lynn McDonald.

Town Hall meeting Jan 26 discussion of final plans, sign-up tables, greeters; Barbara Falby circulated draft resolutions.

Brochure to be distributed at the town hall, a revision of the old brochure. It was agreed that it would come out only in black and white.

MP lobbying. LM reported on discussions with Greenpeace volunteer co-ordinators about starting up MP briefing sessions again. PW reported on Citizens Climate Lobby, which is promoting MP lobbying, with a more centralized message.

It was agreed that JustEarth would write the new federal Environment minister, Peter Kent, to ask for a meeting with him. LM to draft a letter and circulate.

Next meeting OISE February 16 2011 at 7:30 p.m.