Michael Ignatieff, February 2009

We congratulate you on your election as interim leader of the Liberal Party. We were very pleased to see the plan for a coalition of the three non-Conservative parties in the House. We see this as an opportunity to press for effective action on the environment and especially climate change, and not only the economic crisis.

We are pleased with your early advocacy for a carbon tax. It is unfortunate that the carbon tax did not get the understanding and support it deserves in the last election campaign. We are willing to help on promoting the carbon tax and other key components of an effective climate action strategy. Indeed we have ‚A Citizens' Demand for a Carbon Tax  petition.

We support the proposed coalition as a good opportunity to press for environmental and climate crisis action. The three opposition parties all have a stronger position on climate action than the Conservatives do. If we count the Greens as well, we see that a good majority of Canadians voted for parties supporting strong action on climate change.

A working coalition could be the means of advancing key environmental and climate change goals. We urge you pursue the coalition plan, and to make climate change a significant focus in it.