Liberal MPs, November, 2009 (re lack of targets for reductions)

We are appalled by the remarks of the minister of the environment, Jim Prentice, excusing inaction by Canada on climate change for the next number of years. But we have seen nothing from the LPC to indicate that you would do any better.

You seem to be as unaware as the current minister of the urgency of swift action. Mounting scientific evidence indicates that polar ice is melting faster than predicted, and global warming proceeding faster. This is no time to relax.

What is your plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by 2020 for starters? We expect to hear firm numbers and dates.

We recall your leader's recent speech in Vancouver to the Board of Trade which included concerns about climate change. We note, however, the absence of targets for real reductions. When will we learn what the Liberal plan is for dealing with climate change?