Liberal MPs about including climate change in any election platform

While we would welcome the defeat of the Harper government for its failure to deal adequately with climate change, you have given us no reason to believe that the Liberal government would be any more vigorous in addressing this our most urgent issue.

Michael Ignatieff’s enthusiastic support for the tar sands project means support for a major cause of Canada’s failure to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Statements form the recent caucus retreat on the need to defeat the government make no mention of this critical matter.

A substantial number of Liberal MPs (although excluding your leader) have signed the KYOTOplus Pledge for Politicians. This includes a commitment to a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, from 1990 levels, by 2020, and the formation of a credible plan to meet that target.

Will you undertake to make this a major plank in your election campaign platform, with some specifics as to the needed actions?