Michael Ignatieff, February 2009

We see that you and your party supported the government's budget and we, too, support measures to stimulate the economy. However, we regret that you did not take the opportunity to insist on measures beneficial to the environment. The stimulus package should have included funding for green energy, public transportation, energy efficient buildings, and the like.

Stephen Harper, February 2009

While we support measures to stimulate the economy, we regret that the opportunity was not taken to promote green energy and energy conservation. The home renovation tax credits could have provided an opportunity to promote energy efficiency.

Jim Prentice, February 2009

Congratulations on your appointment as environment minister. This is a challenging role today when the impacts of global environmental degradation have profound effects on the economy and health. The mitigation of climate change will require massive changes to the way energy is delivered and will result in dramatic changes to the economy. The environment post is a crucial one.

Gilles Duceppe, February 2009

Le Québec figure au premier rang au pays en ce qui concerne l'action sur le climat.

Nous sommes très enthousiastes à l'idée d'une coalition et du support que vous lui avez apporté. Cependant, dans le cadre de la coalition, il sera primordial qu'on accorde la priorité aux questions environnementales, spécialement en ce qui concerne les changements climatiques. Bien sur que nous vivons une crise économique, mais la crise environnementale doit rester à l'avant-plan.

Michael Ignatieff, February 2009

We congratulate you on your election as interim leader of the Liberal Party. We were very pleased to see the plan for a coalition of the three non-Conservative parties in the House. We see this as an opportunity to press for effective action on the environment and especially climate change, and not only the economic crisis.

Jack Layton, February 2009

We want to commend you for your Kyoto work in the House and raise with you some further concerns.

We support the proposed coalition and your work to promote it. But we urge that there be a strong environmental, indeed climate crisis component in it. Yes, we have an economic crisis, but the environmental is surely at least as great.

The three opposition parties all have a stronger position on climate action than the Conservatives do. If we count the Greens as well, we see that a good majority of Canadians voted for parties supporting strong action on climate change.

President Barack Obama, March 2010

JustEarth sent the letter below to President Obama. His recent state of the union address has important implications for Canada. We support a strong, comprehensive climate action strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are part of a global economy, especially intertwined with the United States. If we don’t act now on reducing emissions we risk being punished economically.

Dear President Obama

Stephen Harper, January, 2010

In response to your request for advice from Canadians on the budget, we urge you to consider our country’s most critical priority, survival, which indeed is the great issue for all humankind, and most of the world’s species who cannot speak for themselves.

Economic stimulation measures should have a significant environmental component, and greenhouse gas emission reductions must be the highest priority.

Federal MPs, February 2010

The purpose of this letter was to find MPs willing to submit our carbon tax petition in the House of Commons.

A number of environmental groups are circulating a petition advocating a carbon tax at the federal level (we would indeed encourage carbon taxes at all levels of government).

We are seeking sympathetic MPs to submit these petitions to Parliament, i.e., MPs who agree that a carbon tax is a necessary part of a serious plan to reduce greenhouse gases.

President Obama, February, 2009

JustEarth, on the day of President Obama's visit to Ottawa, sent this message to him on our concerns about climate change. We invite JustEarth signers to send the same letter (download, print and send, stamp for U.S. required) , or write your own (feel free to adapt).

President Barack Obama
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

February 19, 2009

Dear President Obama,