Anglican and Lutheran leaders share pastoral message on climate change

A Pastoral Message on Climate Change from the heads of Anglican Church of Canada, The Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America , and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada published on September 19, 2014.
Please click here for a PDF version of this message.

Open letter to Members of Parliament, January 2014

Dear MP

It’s time for a new private member’s initiative to address climate change. Jack Layton’s (Bruce Hyer’s) old private member’s bill, the Climate Change Accountability Act, did a great deal to raise awareness of the serious nature of the measures needed to tackle climate change adequately. It was passed in the House of Commons, with a minority government, then defeated by the Senate, without discussion.

Letter to Union of BC Indian Chiefs re Gateway Pipeline

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs
500-342 Water St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1B6

Dear Chiefs

We are writing to commend you for your principled stand in opposition to the Gateway Pipeline. We are strongly oppposed to the present government’s advocacy of this project. 

Letter to Members of Parliament re Gateway Pipeline

Dear MP

JustEarth supports the position of the Union of B.C. Chiefs on the Gateway Pipeline. The chiefs have eloquently explained their concerns, and their commitment to preservation of the land and waters.

Keystone XL protests: Two letters from Anthony Ketchum

Below are two testimonials from Anthony Ketchum -- a report and an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama -- from the Keystone XL pipeline / tar sands protests in Ottawa on September 26th, 2011.

The Advance of the 212

It was a beautiful day on Parliament Hill when all of a not-quite-sudden, legions of RCMP officers appeared behind a 3' high fence.

Barack Obama, October 2011, on the Keystone XL pipeline

Dear President Obama,

We urge you, for the sake of future peoples and all species, not to authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline will result in increased greenhouse gas emissions, yet we have already exceeded 390 ppm of carbon dioxide, whereas we have been told that less than 350 ppm is necessary to ensure a livable climate, and a turn-around is not in prospect.

Stephen Harper, October 2011, on the Keystone XL pipeline

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

We are concerned that the major issue about the bitumen sands project and the pipelines to carry the bitumen or processed oil has not been understood--the dangerous consequences of the vast increase in greenhouse gas emissions ensuing, on top of the excessive carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. We have already exceeded 350 ppm, the limit many leading climate scientists tell us should not be passed to avoid runaway climate change.

Refining the bitumen in Alberta will not reduce global emissions.

Climate Change: Crisis, Challenge, and Hope

It's time to recognize that climate change is an EMERGENCY and get serious about addressing it! Our lavish use of fossil fuels is risking runaway climate change, with feedback effects that can lead to mass extinctions (50-70% of species). There have been mass extinctions on this planet before from which bio-diversity recovered -- in some 50 million years.

Prime Minister Harper, December 2010, "Cancun Agreements"

Two JustEarth members were NGO delegates at the recent Cancun conference (UNFCCC COP16). At that conference Canada agreed, among other things to:

Federal MPs, August 2010, "We could balance the budget much faster if we really wanted to"

There are reasons--both of short-term economic advantage and long-term survival--for dealing seriously with climate change.

The forest fires in B.C. have already cost lives and resources. People in the interior are concerned about insurance rates and even the possibility of not being able to get any insurance, yet extreme weather events are expected to increase in frequency and severity.