Letter to Union of BC Indian Chiefs re Gateway Pipeline

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs
500-342 Water St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1B6

Dear Chiefs

We are writing to commend you for your principled stand in opposition to the Gateway Pipeline. We are strongly oppposed to the present government’s advocacy of this project. 

We share your concerns about the need to protect land and waters. We are greatly concerned, too, about the sheer amount of increased greenhouse gas emissions at stake. Even if the pipeline could be safely built and no tanker accidents happen, the increased CO2 emissions from expanded exploitation of the tar sands is dangerous. We have already exceeded the 350 ppm limit considered by world experts as necessary to keep the rise in global average temperature to under 20C, and to avoid runaway climate change. “Keep it in the ground,” urges NASA scientist James Hansen, and we agree.

We are inclined to support your “seven generations” philosophy of stewardship of the Earth’s resources.

Yours sincerely


Rose Dyson and Lynn McDonald
for JustEarth