Letter to President Barack Obama from Anglicans concerned about climate change

February 18, 2013
Dear President Obama

We are writing as people of faith (we are all members of the Anglican Church of Canada) and environmentalists (in several groups), concerned about climate change and your decision about the Keystone XL Pipeline. We urge you not to approve it.

Experts on climate change, notably NASA atmospheric scientist James Hansen, warn that full exploitation of the tar sands could add so much to the load of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as to result in runaway global warming.

Acidification of the ocean is another dire consequence of excess CO2, as on deposit in the ocean it becomes carbonic acid, thereby affecting plankton, the source of every other breath we take.. Yet the oceans continue to become more acidic, for which there is no remedy beyond geological time.

We do not urge that another route be found. We ask that both our countries move speedily to safe, renewable sources of energy and conservation.

Unfortunately, our federal government urges you to support it, but we remind you that this government was voted in with less than 40% of the popular vote. All the other parties support stronger measures to deal with climate change that the Harper Conservatives.

As Christians, together with people of many faiths, we believe that we have a responsibility to preserve God’s good Earth. We have responsibilities to future generations. Say No, please.

Yours sincerely,

Phyllis Creighton, Barbara Falby, John Hill, Diane Marshall, Lynn McDonald