Letter to Members of Parliament re Gateway Pipeline

Dear MP

JustEarth supports the position of the Union of B.C. Chiefs on the Gateway Pipeline. The chiefs have eloquently explained their concerns, and their commitment to preservation of the land and waters.

We want to make clear that our opposition to the pipeline is based on fundamental reasons of increased greenhouse gas emissions. That is, even if the pipeline could be safely built and no tanker accidents ever happen, the additional CO2 emissions risk taking us into runaway climate change. Already we have exceeded 350 ppm carbon dioxide, considered by leading world experts to be the maximum, an increase from 280 ppm when the industrial revolution began. U.S. NASA scientist James Hansen urges “keep it in the ground.”

We should be reducing our carbon dioxide emissions, not increasing them, and the present government has no credible plan to bring them down. We need to move swiftly to renewable energy and conservation, not more dirty oil/bitumen.

Yours sincerely

Rose Dyson and Lynn McDonald
for JustEarth