Letter to MPs re COP21

JustEarth has sent a letter to all MPs as follows:

We write with profound disappointment over the commitment made by the Government of Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pursuant to the COP21 meeting in Paris in December.

We join the call made on Earth Day of many environmental and civil society organizations for:

  • a clear national action plan with targets to reduce carbon emissions, including
  • an end to fossil fuel subsidies;
  • a price on carbon, to cap carbon-intensive forms of production;
  • investment in a national renewable energy plan at the scale necessary to secure a low-carbon future.;

We agree that “COP21 is our last chance to form a global, legally binding climate agreement to keep temperature rise below 2 C and secure a safer climate future,” and avoid “catastrophic climate change.”

We note the rising concern about the climate crisis by faith leaders, notably the Climate summit sponsored by Pope Francis in April. In Canada the joint Earth Day statement by the leaders of the Anglican Church (Most Rev Fred Hilz) and the Lutheran Church (Rev Susan Johnson) urges leaders “to work with haste towards fair, ambitious, accountable and binding climate change agreements at national and international levels.”

We are at a “crossroads” and want our country to “stand on the right side of history.”

Yours sincerely (signed by 10 JustEarth persons)