January climate change lobby: letter to Conservative MPs

Dear Member of Parliament

We are asking for an informal meeting with you, in January, when the House is not in session, in your constituency office.

The subject is climate change, the most urgent issue we face, and one now with a new opening, thanks to the new agreement reached by President Obama and the government of China. They have now taken the bold step of committing to serious reduction targets.

The current government has been reluctant to set adequate goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on the grounds that we would be out of step with the Americans. Clearly that is not the case.

Canada now has no excuses! We want to see an adequate position taken to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015.

It was pointed out in the Report on Business in the Globe and Mail (Dec 2 2014), that “Green jobs surpass oil sands total.”

We note that a leading (small c) conservative, former MP Preston Manning, has now come out in favour of “carbon pricing.” We have long held that a price on carbon is essential to achieving adequate reductions. Can we talk?

We note that the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, was recently in Ottawa to urge that Canada set goals that are “ambitious and visionary.” We agree. He reminded Canadians that we have particular obligations as a rich country, with advanced technology. Can we talk?

Please have your constituency assistant contact us to arrange a convenient time. We would send probably two or three members, likely one of them a University of Toronto student. A number have volunteered to go, and we are sure you will enjoy meeting these new, young, voters. The House resumes sitting January 26, so any time from the 5th January to the 24th would be possible for us.

Yours sincerely

Norman Dyson, Rose Dyson, Lynn McDonald, Patricia Warwick
JustEarth Canada (JustEarth is a member of the Climate Action Network)