Federal MPs, February 2010

The purpose of this letter was to find MPs willing to submit our carbon tax petition in the House of Commons.

A number of environmental groups are circulating a petition advocating a carbon tax at the federal level (we would indeed encourage carbon taxes at all levels of government).

We are seeking sympathetic MPs to submit these petitions to Parliament, i.e., MPs who agree that a carbon tax is a necessary part of a serious plan to reduce greenhouse gases.

If you agree, please indicate below. If you are willing to submit petitions with less than agreement with the principle, please also indicate. Any comments would be appreciated.

We would be pleased if you would circulate the petition to your own constituents in whatever way you have the opportunity.

Thanks for your attention.

Yours sincerely


I, _________________________, MP for _____________________________ agree with the petition for a carbon tax and will submit it to the Parliament of Canada

 ____without full agreement am willing to submit the petition to the Parliament of Canada.