Federal MPs, August 2010, "We could balance the budget much faster if we really wanted to"

There are reasons--both of short-term economic advantage and long-term survival--for dealing seriously with climate change.

The forest fires in B.C. have already cost lives and resources. People in the interior are concerned about insurance rates and even the possibility of not being able to get any insurance, yet extreme weather events are expected to increase in frequency and severity.

Many Canadians are concerned that we are losing out on “green jobs,” and we see countries with serious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are making advances in energy saving devices and alternative energy sources.

Improvements in government practices themselves could lead to enormous savings. The U.K. government is expecting savings of £70,000,000 (about $150,000,000 Cdn) a year (in Whitehall) by reducing water use, garbage, road travel, heating and other energy use.

Last week we asked MPs, and especially party leaders, to work on reducing their carbon footprint in the next election campaign. We suggest also that you address climate change as an issue in the campaign. It is the most important matter we, as inhabitants of planet Earth, now face. No other problem has the potential of destroying most species on the planet, including of course us.