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The president of the Royal Society of Canada described humankind as "a wasteful killer and a despoiler of other life on the planet," a view he said was "licensed by a belief that our use of the Earth's resources is God-given, and encouraged by an economic system that emphasizes short-term profit as a benefit" (Planet Under Stress, foreword). However many people of faith recognize stewardship and accountability, that "the Earth is the Lord's," a radically different approach.

A Spiritual Declaration on Climate Change

Made by Faith Community Participants during the
United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP11 and COP/MOP1)
St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal December 4, 2005

  • We hear the call of the Earth.
  • We believe that caring for life on Earth is a spiritual commitment.
  • People and other species have the right to life unthreatened by human greed and destructiveness.
  • Pollution, particularly from the energy-intensive wealthy industrialised countries, is warming the atmosphere. A warmer atmosphere is leading to major climate changes. The poor and vulnerable in the world and future generations will suffer the most.
  • We commit ourselves to help reduce the threat of climate change through actions in our own lives, pressure on governments and industries and standing in solidarity with those most affected by climate change.
  • We pray for spiritual support in responding to the call of the Earth.

"The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong."
...Thomas Berry

Ecumenical events

World Religions Summit

World Religions Summit final statement to G8/G20 leaders, June 2010

United Church of Canada

An open letter to all Canadians from the Moderator of The United Church of Canada, January 17, 2010

Anglican Church of Canada

Members of the Anglican Church of Canada have asked their church for reflection and action on climate change and encourage members of other faith communities to do so as well. Letters and replies will be posted.

Anglican Communion:

Other Resources

Here is a (beginning) list of resources from faith communities from large bodies like the World Council of Churches to local parishes. Please send further examples, from all faith groups, for posting.