All MPs, December, 2009

The Copenhagen meetings are going on right now, and the federal government’s position continues to disgrace us. Polls indicate that a good majority of Canadians want strong action on climate change, do not want to wait for the Americans, and do not believe that the economy should be an excuse for inaction.

We applaud the MPs who voted for the Bloc Québécois motion on support for the KYOTOplus numbers of 25-40% reductions by 2020. Obviously we want Bill C-311 to be adopted at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yet even the target of 25-40% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions may not be enough. We are already well over 350 ppm of carbon dioxide by volume and near the tipping point according to some of the world’s top scientists. And yet our government is proposing a mere 3% below 1990 levels, and even then has no plan to achieve it.

This is humankind’s most critical issue. Get on with it.