About JustEarth

JustEarth is an Associate member of Climate Action Network Canada (CAN Canada)

CAN Canada is composed of member organizations committed to preventing dangerous levels of human interference with the global climate system, protecting environmental sustainability and public health, while upholding principles of just transition, equity and social justice.

CAN Canada believes that to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Canada must make the transition to an economy primarily focused on the efficient use of renewable energy. Actions that Canada takes to meet our Kyoto Protocol obligations must lay the foundation for such a transition.

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Who We Are

JustEarth was formed in June, 2006, has no formal executive, membership dues or office. The work is done by volunteers.

Regular planning meetings are held in Toronto. Members in other areas are welcome to start groups that can meet (and lobby) in their own areas.

JustEarth is an active member of the Climate Action Network of Canada and supports its campaigns.

What We Do

JustEarth actively encourages lobbying of federal MPs and provincial members--material is available on the website and briefing sessions are offered.

Ministers and MPs are regularly emailed our concerns on climate change. We hold occasional town halls on climate change issues, and co-sponsor similar events by other environmental organizations.

Recommended Actions

  1. Obtain signatures to the declaration.

  2. Encourage people to take the Citizens Guide to a Climate Change Action Plan to their MPs or provincial representatives.

  3. Establish action groups to promote a serious action plan.

  4. Encourage organizations in all domains of society to promote the needed rethinking by holding think-ins or town hall meetings, geared to produce proposals for political, economic and cultural change.